Valuation Services


Brokerage Services

* Silicon Xchange, Inc. can assist you in estimating the market value of surplus, end of life, or obsolete IT and electronics equipment in order to help our corporate clients reduce the cost of unwanted equipment and refocus the recovered funds back into the core of the business.
* With over a decade of experience in the industry we proudly suggest this service to clients in the process of relocation, IT migration or upgrades as well as business closures.
  * By taking advantage of our Post your Assets Feature in our Member Area, and our extensive customer worldwide and buyer database Silicon Xchange Inc. can resale and redistribution your equipment on your behalf for a small commission.
* This service best applies to our worldwide customers that wish to keep the equipment on hand until the opportunity to get the most for their assets arrives.

Liquidation Services


Express Removal 

* Cash Purchases, Express Removal and ALL Asset Removal services are part of our fast, secure, and safe turnkey Liquidation Solution.
* This service is strongly suggested to our relocating or going out of business clients, that have a pressing deadline for turning premises back into the landlord.
  * For our qualifying Bay Area Customers in need of immediate removal of assets and / or urgent rendering of facilities, Silicon Xchange, Inc offers the fastest available removal of assets. Assets can be de-installed removed transported off site within 1-2 days.

ALL Asset Removal

Auction Services

  * ALL Asset Removal option is a service where all assets are removed (nothing will be left behind) - premises ready to be cleaned-up and turned back to landlord)
* For our Bay Area Clients Silicon Xchange, Inc. offers, Valuation, Removal, Storage, Cataloging, Testing, Data Purging, Professional Auction Listing and Shipping to Buyer of surplus assets to be liquidated, all for a small commission.
* This service best applies to our customers that are not time pressed and looking to get the most for their assets

Data Purging / Security Services

  * All data sensitive material either purchased, liquidated, or received under our recycling programs will automatically go through our Data Purging (wiping system) All data containing devices are NSA3 Erased (NASA approved procedure for their data purging) in our lab on our Kesender system.
* Optional Report on NSA3 Erase available.
* Optional Data Device Destruction service (device tear down and melted) with Serial Number Report Available for a small fee.

Cash Purchases 

* With large funds on hand and the expertise to valuate and rapidly remove your unwanted assets, Silicon Xchange, Inc. will have your excess inventory removed and turned into cash within 2-3 Days.